501(c)(3) FAQ.

These are the frequently asked questions about our 501(c)(3), the non-profit started by Louis Rossmann to fight for the right to repair.


Repair Preservation Group Inc





What’s a 501(c)(3)?

A 501(c)(3) is a classical non-profit. We use it to help consumers and small repair businesses across the country, but the IRS limits how much we can speak to politicians on your behalf.

Will I get a tax break?

If you donate to the 501(c)(3), then yes, you’re absolutely eligible for getting a tax break from Uncle Sam.. As of August 14th, 2023, the IRS notified us that they have not processed 2 years of form 990 we have provided them, and revoked that status. We are working with the IRS to figure out why our 990s have not been processed, and regain our tax exempt status. I have removed the donate button from the site in the meantime.

What will you do with the money?

Whatever you donate to us for the 501(c)(3) will go towards projects to expand the available knowledge on repair, show how repair is everywhere, advocate to media organizations about the Right to Repair, help understand how our rights to modify our property are being eroded across the country, and broader projects to preserve large corporations from chipping away at your rights and ability to repair your stuff.

Will you run away with my money?

No. Our founders, Louis Rossmann and Jessa Jones are both visible everywhere on the Internet. We’re also a registered non-profit in the state of New York, and you can look us up using the EIN above. We intend to model the kind of openness and transparency we wish to see in the world.

One common question that Louis Rossmann often gets is, “why did you start these non-profits?” The answer is quite simple, it’s because someone needed to.

Someone needed to represent the voices of consumers and small businesses, as oppsed to Apple, Samsung, Google, and other large giants.

So, Louis made it his mission to travel around the country and bring repair with him everywhere. Here’s a playlist of his journey.