501(c)(4) FAQ.

What's a 501(c)(4) and why do you want to start it? We get asked this a lot, so we made a FAQ for you.


Repair Preservation Group Inc





What’s a 501(c)(4)?

A 501(c)(4) is a non-profit social welfare organization, according to the IRS. It allows us to lobby politicians, state legislatures, and Congress on your behalf.

Will I get a tax break?

Unfortunately, federal law forbids this. Congress has made it so that donations to a 501(c)(4) to lobby them won’t give you a tax break.

What will you do with the money?

The 501(c)(4) arm of our movement is dedicated exclusively to lobbying and changing laws. We will fight for you in the states. We will fight for you in Congress. And we will fight for your right to say, “Schematics or GTFO.” Every penny you give us will go towards building a war chest for the political fight for repair.

Will you run away with my money?

No. Louis Rossmann and Jessa Jones already travel around the country on their own dime to advocate on your behalf. Your dollars will give them the megaphone they need to speak louder and get heard.

One common question that Louis Rossmann often gets is, “why did you start these non-profits?” The answer is quite simple, it’s because someone needed to.

Someone needed to represent the voices of consumers and small businesses, as oppsed to Apple, Samsung, Google, and other large giants.

So Louis made it his mission to travel around the country and bring repair with him everywhere. Here’s a playlist of his journey.